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Integrity, honor, and efficiency is what we value here at Temecula Personal Injury. Our motto is to produce the best service available to you for your case. Every detail will be given attention and you will come first in all of our matters. During our time as personal injury attorneys we have delivered over a 98.5% success rate when bike riders are involved in bus accidents, drunk driving accidents, car accidents, trucking accidents, and various motor vehicle accidents.

Bicycle Accident injuries are on the rise due to congested cities and the growing population rate. Many are selecting bicycles are the preffered mode of transportation. The benefits can at times greatly outweigh the cons in being a bike rider. The exercise is enough to propel many towards the healthier option who noticeably also reduce emissions and gasoline costs for vehicles. Although the option is much costlier when arriving to work or riding recreationally danger arises due to the lack of protection. Bicycle riders suffer fall accidents to car accidents. The lack of metal surrounding a bicycle rider as oppsed to a vehicle is not only dangerous but can be deadly. Cars carry over two tons of protection when compared to a bicycle rider. If bicyclists are not careful and avoid traffic safety they can end up as a victim of serious injury or permanent disability.

Our firm was established in 2004. Since then, we have built a prestigous client base with a rich experience to handle the most complex injury claims. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident you may be entitled to compensation. We will remove the burden and the hassle of dealing with the at fault driver’s insurance company for you. You deserve to spend time with your family during recovery. Allow us to handle the rest.


What Makes Us The Best Temecula Bicycle Accident Attorneys?

  1. We receive compensation at rates higher than other firms.
  2. We Always drive positive results. We will never retain a case we know we can’t win for you. Our law firm employs aggressive tactics to combat the denial of insurance companies
  3. We don’t charge a dime for our service unless we win.

When you are involved in a bicycle accident the best thing to do immediately is to seek medical attention. An emergency respondent can better note your wounds and injuries that will help you claim compensation in your case. Furthermore, you want to make sure you are okay because many injuries come after the accident due to negligent behavior. Secondly, make sure to call your Temecula bike accident lawyers so we can start preparing a case for you.

Never hesitate to call our Personal Injury lawyers in Temecula. Medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more are on the line when you are injured. Many lose time off work to handle their injuries or are hospitalized, thus leaving them inactive. You deserve to have you pain and suffering taken care of. The at fault individuals insurance company is liable for the damages. Our job is to seek compensation for those damages while you recover from your suffering. We are available 24/7 because we understand life doesn’t wait for our earliest convenience.

Causes Of Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Common Bicycle accidents occur by negligent bike riders and car drivers alike. There are many situations that may cause a bicycle accident:

Driving In The Opposite Direction: Although bike riders have flexibility and can maneuver easily, that doesn’t mean they can disregard the rules of the road. Many steer from one side of the street to the other often heading towards oncoming traffic. Many drivers are not paying attention for such fast changes of pace and oncoming bike riders. This can cause catastrophic injury which can lead to fatality.

A Driver Making A Right Turn: When drivers make a right turn onto another street they often don’t look right becuase they are generally looking left towards oncoming traffic. This lack of attention can cause the bike rider to slam into the ride side of the vehicle head on upon the turn. You will be directly in the driver’s blind spot which can cause serious injury.

Opened Car Doors: Since bike riders often drive near the sidewalk they often are exposed to parked cars and pedestrians. Many parked cars open their doors at the last moment. This causes bike riders to slam into the car door leading to injury and property damage.

Rear Ending: Drivers can be sporadic in behavior, leading them to participate in negligent behavior towards bicycle riders. Distracted Drivers can cause fatal accidents by rear ending a bicyclist. Rear ending is a major contributor towards head injuries and brain injury along with spinal injury.

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