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Dog attacks happen to 4.7 million Americans every year. Our Temecula Dog Bite Lawyers have the experience that your case needs in order to be awarded a successful verdict. The scariest part about dog bites is their unpredictability. They can happen any time, anywhere, and for any reason.

Our consultations are always free of charge and you’ll never pay a single penny for our legal services. Use this page if you have recently been involved in an incident involving another person’s pet dog resulting in bodily injuries.



Bitten by Dog? Largest Number of Dog Bites by Location

Whether it is a small nick or a large gash, you want to ensure you’re safe from dangerous dogs. This page was created by our Temecula Dog Bite Attorneys to educate locals of Temecula on this specific topic. Start with knowing what state has the most bitten by dog reports

Dog attacks happen to 4.7 million Americans every year.

The scariest part about dog bites is their unpredictability. They can happen any time, anywhere, and for any reason.

Why Do Dog Bites Happen?

Before we compare the bitten by dog reports, let’s explore why dog bites happen. Every dog, no matter how happy they are, has some type of anxiety. Dogs can become anxious when they perceive themselves to be in control.

Barking, lunging, biting, and growling are all signs a dog feels he is running the show. In their minds, they have 2 options for responding to threats. They can either run away from the situation or go towards it and fight.

You can help prevent dog bites from occurring by understanding why they happen.

Here are a few of the reasons a dog could attack:


Dogs do not premeditate and plan to bite humans. When a dog bites someone, they are reacting to a certain situation. In most cases, the dog perceives itself to be in some kind of danger and feels they need to defend themselves, their territory, or their owner.


A dog could also attack you if you startle them. Without enough time to process if you’re a threat, a dog might instinctually go on the defensive. Instead of waiting to see if you mean harm, the dog takes control of the situation themselves with a physical attack.


Unhealthy or injured dogs are also more likely to be aggressive. For example, a dog that’s usually friendly might be unsafe for children after an injury. If the dog has a wound and you accidentally touch it, the pain can startling.

Let’s move now on now to discuss who dogs are most likely to attack.

Who Do Dog Bites Happen To?

Unfortunately, children get bit by dogs more than anyone else. Not only can the attack be traumatizing to the child, but it can also be life threatening too.  It’s more dangerous for children to bite because of the possibility of injuring their head or necks.

Most dog attacks don’t occur from stray or wild dogs. Instead, the majority of dog attacks are cases where the attackers are domesticated dogs. In some cases, it’s a dog you see every day, like your neighbor’s dog.

One family found this out the hard way when their family pit bulls fatally attacked their 8-month-old daughter. Injuries to her head, neck, and face caused the girl to die almost immediately.

Dog attacks happen to kids every year, and in many cases they are fatal. After children, adult men are the second most likely victims, and women are the least.

Households that have more than 1 dog increase their likelihood of being the bite. If you have a friend who has multiple dogs, you need to be extra careful. Dogs have a pack mentality and will even attack their owners to establish their dominance.

Next, we’ll discuss what states have the highest reported number.of dog bites.


Bitten by dog reports show that an attack can happen at any time.

If you or someone you know is bitten by a dog, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Once you are safely at the doctor’s, you should also seek legal counsel.

Our firm understands the devastation dog attacks can cause. Dog attacks are serious, life-threatening situations that cost the victims more than time and money. Victims of dog attacks have to deal with intense trauma and in severe cases even PTSD.

You don’t have to go through this alone. Our firm and associates will work closely with you to get you the compensation you deserve. We treat every client with the utmost respect and compassion.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us today for your free consultation.

Bitten by Dog Reports

Major and minor dog bites can happen in any place at any time. Insurance claims are one way we can track where the most dog bites occur.

State Farm has a report that shows there are 10 states that have the highest number of bitten by dog reports.

Below are the 10 states in order from the highest number of claims to the lowest. All of the statistics are from 2017.

  1. California: 488
  2. Illinois: 318 
  3. Ohio: 221
  4. Texas: 226
  5. Pennsylvania: 202
  6. Michigan: 153
  7. New York: 137
  8. Indiana: 124 
  9. Minnesota: 120 
  10. Georgia: 114 

As you can see, California residents have the highest number of insurance claims related to dog attacks. According to State Farm, children account for more than half of the claims listed above. 

Postal workers also experience a high number of dog bites. LA has more dog attacks on postal workers than any other city. In 2016, dog attacks happened to 80 different mail carriers. San Diego ranks at number 4 in dog attacks on postal workers and Long Beach ranks number 27.

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