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If you or someone you know has recently been involved in a minor or catastrophic motorcycle accident, we can help. Our firm has collected millions worth of personal injury cases and helped Temecula locals since 2015. Honesty, transparency and dedication is the formula for our law firm’s success. If you’d like to speak to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Temecula, or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us today. Our firm works on a contingency basis so you pay nothing until we beat your case and you will never pay a single cent out of pocket for our legal fee’s.



Motorcyclists in Temecula aren’t protected like automobile drivers are, there’s a much higher risk of injury and death. In fact, in 2016 alone, there were 88,000 nonfatal motorcycle accident injuries.

A serious injury can result in disability, lost wages, and expensive medical bills. If the accident happened as a result of negligence on the part of the other driver, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

However, there are some important steps you need to take to protect your future. Ignoring certain details could jeopardize your ability to seek compensation. Let’s go over what you should do directly following a motorcycle crash.


The physical safety of everyone involved is of the utmost importance after an accident. If you’ve sustained injuries, seek medical attention right away.

Even if you don’t feel you need to see a doctor, see one anyway. Some injuries have delayed symptoms, which means you may have an injury you don’t notice directly after the accident.

It’s a good idea to see a doctor as soon as possible. If you wait too long, the other driver’s insurance company may try to deny claims made for compensation.

Seeing a doctor immediately also protects you from physical complications down the road. Don’t risk missing work or injuring yourself further because you neglected medical treatment after the accident.


If you’re able to, you need to collect as much information at the scene of the accident as possible. This includes the other driver’s contact and insurance information, the name and phone numbers of witnesses, and the police report.

If the person at fault was driving a company vehicle, you’ll need to get the name of the company and insurance carrier. This is all very important when filing an injury claim.

When collecting this information, avoid saying anything about the events of the accident. Insurance companies will look at every detail, so you don’t want to risk saying anything that’s construed as an admission of guilt.

If your injuries are serious, you’ll need to go to a hospital right away. Try to contact a loved one as soon as possible. They can help you track down the necessary information.


Try to document as much of the accident as possible if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident. Take pictures of the scene and the damage to all vehicles. If you end up hiring a Temecula motorcycle accident attorney, this information will help them piece together the events of the crash.

It’s easy to forget minor details in the days after an accident, so make sure to get thorough evidence of everything. Consider taking a video of the scene with your phone. You can also make notes on your phone or record a voice memo of minor details.

Gathering all this evidence may seem like overkill. However, if the other party denies responsibility, your attorney will have a much stronger case if all this evidence is available.

Again, if your injuries are severe, getting to the hospital is more important. Make sure you obtain a copy of the police report and ask family and friends to help you locate other information.


Due to the nature of motorcycle accidents, injuries often require ongoing treatment such as physical therapy, rehab, and chiropractic service. It’s absolutely critical you follow the treatment plan provided by your doctor. Adhering to your treatment plan is important for a few reasons. First, you’ll make a quicker recovery and can get on with your life. Second, if you ignore your treatment plan, the other party’s insurance company could claim your injuries are not severe enough to warrant compensation.

Keep in mind that insurance companies want to pay you as little as they can. They’ll try to find anything possible to deny your claim or pay you a much smaller settlement than you deserve. This is why you need to attend every single medical appointment. You should also keep a detailed record of your treatment along with all medical bills.


If the accident was the fault of the other driver, you can expect their insurance company to contact you. Their goal is to get you to settle as quickly as possible. They may also try to obtain information which will limit their responsibility.

Some insurance companies will resort to intimidation to get you to settle. Don’t allow this to happen. You have rights and need the representation of an attorney to help protect them. Insurance companies don’t want you to hire a motorcycle attorney. This is why they’ll attempt to approach you directly after the accident. Make sure you don’t agree to anything or sign any documents they present.


If you feel your injuries were the result of negligence or you’re under pressure from an insurance company, it’s time to hire a personal injury attorney. They can guide you through the process and ensure your rights aren’t violated.

Your attorney will look at the details of the accident along with your medical bills to determine the appropriate amount of compensation you deserve. Then, they’ll fight to get you every cent. It’s important you work with a lawyer who has experience handling motorcycle accidents. This ensures you’re working with someone who’s seen this type of case before and knows the best legal approach.

If you and your family are under a lot of stress due to lost wages and medical bills, don’t let this deter you from hiring an attorney. Many personal injury lawyers don’t collect payment until you win a settlement. This helps guarantee you can get the compensation you deserve without having to put added strain on your financial situation.

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